So, I received an email from a friend.  It said a family she knew had a new baby with some special needs issues, and they needed meals provided.  After having this same friend and several others supply me and my family with meals after the birth of my daughter, I knew I had to reciprocate.

I’ve spent close to a year selling Dove chocolate through home parties similar to Pampered Chef and Tupperware.  How fun, I thought.  Parties, girlfriends, and chocolate… and, I get to make a little money.  Can’t beat that deal.

Anyway, our new summer line included a Sweet ‘N’ Spicy cocoa rub for meat, and a Chocolate Fig Balsamic vinaigrette.

Here’s what I made them.

I dusted chicken breasts with olive oil and the cocoa rub, and baked uncovered.  Then I chilled, and chopped and dressed it in the vinaigrette.

I chopped up apples, and salad greens.  Put the lettuce on the plate, topped with apples, and chicken and wala!

This is crazy.  Whoever thought that you could make chocolate salad!!! WOOHOO!!  For all you chocolate lovers, here’s a great way to get your chocolate and be healthy at the same time!

If you’re interested, find a Dove Chocolate Discoveries rep.  (I don’t do this anymore– my full time gig is dōTERRA. )