Two summers ago, I invested in some little plants for our rocked area in our driveway.  They were supposed to be hearty little plants that needed little water, and lots of sun.  Perfect, I thought.  They’ll get lots of sun, and very little water.  Well, they died.

The first summer 2 of the 3 plants died.  Last summer the 3rd went, but in it’s place is something tall.

“It’s that same plant,” my husband says.

“Nope, it’s different, the leaves are different.”

So today, driving to my 3 year old’s playgroup at the park.  (This playgroup is actually more for us (the moms) than it is for the kids.  Those of you who are SAHM’s can relate to “I need adult conversation!!”)  Anyway, driving  along, I began taking inventory of the trees, and plants that I saw on the road.

As I’m driving my thoughts became focused on one thing, finding that leaf.  Nope, too wide.  Nope, too stringy.  Too short, too long, too needle-y, not needle-y enough.  Is that it?  That’s it!  I found it.

It’s a tree.  God planted a tree right where we needed one.  And this isn’t the first time either.  3 years ago, a few little Cottonwoods popped up near my husband’s shop.  The one tree is probably 12 feet tall now.  Very little water, very little care, and it’s thriving.

This little needle-y tree in our front yard, I actually tried to kill after that 3rd plant died, as I thought it was a weed.  Nope.  It came back this year.  Hasn’t received one lick of water, except from God, and no tree food, and it’s about 16 inches.

Funny…  We work, and till, and plant, and fertilize, and water, and chances are the plants will still die.  But, let God be our gardener, and amazing things happen.

Matthew 6:26 Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?

This has been a great reminder to me.  We are told on multiple Sundays to Trust in Him.  Trust that He loves us, and will supply our needs.

So, if you WANT a plant in a certain place, go ahead and plant it, care for it, but if it dies, don’t worry, God has something better planned.  Our wants don’t always translate in “needs.”  God knows what we need, and He will make it happen.  So, if your want doesn’t happen, it’s because God knows you don’t need it!