Can smell help you create tighter relationships and more trust?  Apparently so according to this research study.

Researchers in the Netherlands led by cognitive psychologist Lorenza Colzato knew that how we respond to others depends not not only on our relationships but also on environment, the authors write. One 1997 study, for instance, showed that prosocial behavior, like picking up a dropped item from the floor, went up significantly when pleasant fragrances were in the air—rather than when air just smelled like air.

A “give the money away” game was created to test how trusting a person is with different scents, or no scent.  Without being told about any change in scent, when people smelled lavender, they gave significantly more money than when they had sniffed peppermint or nothing at all.  Amazing!


Want to create more trust in your relationships?  Add a little soothing lavender to the air.  Feelings are chemistry.  Different components interacting in our brain bringing forth feelings.  So, adding lavender simply increases the type of components that “speak” trust in our brains.  What an amazing thing!

From a business point of view, I wonder of auto sales companies could increase their bottom line by diffusing a lavender essential oil in their showrooms?  Just a thought.  Anyone want to try?  I’ll supply several diffusers and the essential oil for free for two weeks to try it out.  Contact me!!