What does Jonti even mean?

Well, here’s the story behind it.  JONTI is a backwards acronym for In The Name of Jesus.  And you can read a little more about where the name came from and how it applies to me…  here:  http://jontilife.com/about-me/

Now, let’s turn to the actual word jaunty.

When you think of the word jaunty, what do you think of?

Here’s the definition: sprightly in manner or appearance :  lively sporting a jaunty red beret a jaunty stroll a jaunty tune

Are you living a Jonti life?  A Jaunty life?  To me, they are one and the same.  Jaunty to me is about confidence and freedom.  Jonti is about freedom to BE confident and free!

Do you walk through your day with a spring in your step, a smile on your face? If not, why?

What happened that made you shrink?  What occurred to lead you to stop believing in yourself?  What’s your story?

Would you like to hear mine?

I was painfully shy as a child.  Quiet as a mouse.  My first-grade teacher even nicknamed me “mouse.”  As I grew older, I didn’t change.  I was so shy, I would never raise my hand in class.  I never spoke unless spoken to.  If spoken to, sometimes I would respond, sometimes, I would put my head down and pretend I didn’t hear them.  I was inside myself, guarded and afraid.  Why?    I have some traumatic memories of molestation by a family member.  I can bet that this was the main reason for my inwardness.  It was a safe place.  I also have some memories of anger and violence in response to imperfection.  So, I tried to be quiet and invisible.  To hide my imperfection, in hopes it wouldn’t be noticed.

I had crushes on boys, but due to rejection on the first few, I stopped letting them know of my crush.  As I grew older, I never let anyone know of my interest. I was too afraid I would be rejected again.  So, I went inside myself further.  I also removed myself from many situations that could have potentially led to any kind of relationship, or something that I was still uncomfortable with due to my childhood. I steered clear, to stay safe.  Many believed me to by rather “stuck up” due to this.  I really wasn’t.  It never crossed my mind that I was “better” in anyway.  What was running through my mind was, I’m inferior. I’m not pretty enough.  I’m not smart enough.  I’m not perfect enough.  It was a depressing, lonely and sad existence.

I wasn’t living my full life.  I wasn’t being the real me I was destined to be.  I wasn’t sharing myself with the world.  I wasn’t living in freedom or confidence, but in jail, in fear, insecurity and depression.  I wasn’t living anywhere near anything we deem “purpose.” And, I didn’t like that. I wanted more.  And felt in my core I was supposed to have more, be more, and do more.

I began taking some risks.  Some healthy, some not.  Thank God; He was on my side, and continued to keep me safe.  I had to learn that God made me, exactly, perfectly for the purpose He wants me to serve.  I wanted to believe the scripture.  That the Lord gives us the desires of our hearts.

Here’s an interesting twist.  Many have been led to believe that Christianity is about doing the right things, not doing the wrong things, so God will bless you with the things you desire.  Wrong.  He planted those desires in you first (granted, some are flesh and not God given, but you probably have the conscience and discernment to figure out what is God given and what is not.)  When those desires to do more, be more, have more become so intense, you begin the process of pursuing them.  You go down the paths you need to go down.  And then, your purpose, your reason for your creation, becomes apparent.  He planted the desires of my heart in me so that I would pursue the path towards my purpose.

Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

God made you special. God has a special purpose and plan for you. The Bible says God formed you (Isaiah 44:24) and created you as His own masterpiece for a purpose (Ephesians 2:10).
Read more: http://www.whatchristianswanttoknow.com/fearfully-and-wonderfully-made-meaning-with-commentary/#ixzz4alXkSYi7

When you see the desires of your heart as God given instead of self-inspired, you will see that pursuing those dreams, and those desires will take you down the path He needs you to go on.  When you head down that path, confidence, freedom, and a jaunty life ensues.

Have no fear my friends.  A jaunty, spunky, confident, and a life of freedom is awaiting!