Why should I learn about esential oils?

This topic is probably one of the most heated debates between the different schools of thought on essential oils.  I will provide the basic, simplified version of the beliefs behind this argument, as well as a well known company’s stand.

1. British—Based on Aromatherapy only; discourages neat use, and internal use.  Their beliefs are based on research done on animals with impure, perfume and food grade oils, as well as isolated compounds and not the complete oil.  Their warnings are valid when you are dealing with non-therapeutic grade oils that you’d find in a grocery store.  Several American schools lean towards the British line of teaching.

Those of the British school believe certifications and licensing are required to practice the use of aromatherapy. It’s interesting to note however, that to become a “certified” aromatherapist, many schools only require about 6 months of study.

2. French—Based on THERAPEUTIC use, not just aroma, and internal and neat use is widely used. The French school of thought is based on research done by medical professionals interested in wellness, and maintaining health that understand the compounds and their support of the body. The French rely on scientific research done with truly pure, and therapeutic grade oils.  The French believe that anyone can learn and use essential oils.

3. German—Based on chemistry, human metabolism, and the study of the levels of certain compounds required to reach toxicity in the body.  The German Commission E has approved specific essential oils for internal use.

4. doTERRA —The scientific advisory board made up of medical professionals, researchers, and chemists has extensive experience and knowledge in essential oil chemical compounds and their support of the body.  The high quality standard stamp– CPTG, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, stands for countless hours of research and study that clearly takes into account all the above beliefs. It stands for the careful selection of organic growers in a plant’s best habitat; the proper and perfected, pure steam distillation of that material, and the multiple tests that are done throughout the entire process from seed to bottle ensuring the oils are pure, safe, and made up of exactly the components it should have, and nothing that it shouldn’t.  Certain compounds should NOT be consumed internally, this company has knowledge of these compounds, and their bottles are labeled accordingly!  You can read more about this in my blog: Why I trust this Standard.