I can’t tell you how many tragic stories I’ve heard from individuals who have used oils from over the counter.  This is why I only trust doTERRA, and why I only purchase DIRECTLY from doTERRA.

When I asked them why they chose that other oil, one of the responses I get is:

“They’re less expensive.”

Actually no.  What you’re getting in that “cheaper” bottle is not pure essential oil.  It’s adulterated, and diluted.  You may be getting 10 drops in that bottle of a true, but subpar essential oil, and the rest is probably a dilutant or carrier.  So, you pay $10 for 10 drops.  With doTERRA, you may pay more, but you’re getting 250-300 drops of PURE essential oil.

Quality means more than purity too.  Where a plant grows plays a huge part in the final compounds and their ratio to one another in that essential oil.  And those compounds, and their ratio to one another is what makes an oil effective, and SAFE!

Read in more detail about doTERRA’s CPTG Quality testing and why it is leaps and bounds above others.


Another more scary situation is when people buy what they think is doTERRA from an online auction site.  It has been confirmed through purchasing and testing that many of these oils are counterfeit.  It’s very easy to buy those sealing caps for pennies, to put a cheap over the counter, synthetic, adulterated, dangerous, and cheap oil in the bottle and reseal it.  To the consumer, one would never know that it’s not really doTERRA.  Please do not buy doTERRA from auction sites.  Chances are, it’s not even doTERRA.  And, if some adverse effect would happen, doTERRA is not liable because it wasn’t purchased from them.

I use oils for health, wellness, and to take care of my children.  I would never-ever trust anything from an auction site.  I don’t trust other brands either because I know the pain-staking work that doTERRA does behind the scenes from grower to distiller to testing to bottling to not only ensure the quality of the oil, but my families wellness and SAFETY.