Do you have a retail business?

Are you looking for ways to increase sales?

Did you know… that scent can make people open their wallets?

What?  Really?

Yes, check out this article from Success Magazine.

We all know how scent can impact our emotions.  When you smell baking bread, or pie, or cookies, you think of mom, or grandma or your childhood.  Memory and emotion are so closely linked that we often tend to confuse the two.  It happens.  But, it’s a beautiful thing too.  Using scent, and the powerful aromatic compounds of essential oils can support, soothe, and help many overcome emotional trauma!  And for you retailers, it has been found to create happiness, and so much of it, that people will spend money!

Are you in retail?  Do you want to borrow a diffuser and some wild orange essential oil to try this out?  Contact me!