I love dōTERRA’s culture. It’s one of inclusion and not division. It’s where crosslines work together to train other leader’s teams.  We truly have a culture that serves everyone’s success, regardless. Jumpstart (which was incredible) is an example of this collaboration. And last weekend was the best ever.  We have all evolved, and it has become something so special, that I can’t put it into words.

For my team, I hope that those who didn’t get the opportunity to experience this evolution at this last Jumpstart will commit to making sure they don’t miss the next one.  You won’t regret it.  It will move you, if you’re ready to be moved.  It will help you grow, if you claim it.  You will make new friends, if you choose to.  You will laugh.  You will cry.  And, at the end, you’ll be glad you came.  You will be equipped with so much more than can be offered in any other platform.  It would take 18-22 weeks of 1 hour training calls to deliver the same content, but you won’t make any new friends this way.  You won’t experience the culture.   Jumpstart is the only way to get the full experience.  Watch for the announcements, and make the commitment to yourself, your team, and the people out there that are on their knees praying for the solution to their problem that you carry in your hands.  You have lives to change that only YŌU can touch.  Will you respond to the calling?

Our culture is one where cross-lines also collaborate for months on end (since December) to create an amazing Convention experience that recognizes and celebrates everyone’s success.  Pooling our resources, helps us create what our teams deserve. Convention’s theme next year is YŌU. I love this. Because YOU are the reason we work hard to put on trainings like Jumpstart, and support and mentor to create success for those who desire it.  This year’s recognition party is truly going to be special.  We’ve evolved.  We’ve grown.  So have you.  And we want to celebrate YŌU!  We will have some amazing gifts for everyone.  We have a well thought out line-up for the evening.  And, I’m so looking forward to spending time with you.

Sometimes culture can be misunderstood.  There exists no right or wrong culture.  No good or bad. Everyone needs to find or create one that fits them. Some are driven in a certain direction.  Others resonate with something entirely different.  And that’s ok.  My prayer is that everyone finds the place they fit, that serves them, that helps them heal.  The culture that helps them grow into the most perfect version of themselves.  The one that leads them to the life they desire and dream of.

I will leave you with this thought. You are someone’s superhero.  You have the solution that someone is on their knees praying for.  Please have the courage to share it with as many people as you can.  You are changing lives.  YŌU are someone’s superhero.  Will you respond to the calling?