Warning, this post might offend you!

Ignorance is bliss, right?

But, when does ignorance become damaging to others?  When does ignorance fall into the category of flat out stupid?

I have to share a story.  A story that has been repeated time and time again through my work.  I hear of someone’s health challenge, I ask if they’re open to learning about natural options, and sometimes, heartbreakingly, they basically say no.  Sad, but true.

If you were in a hotel, and I banged on the door, and screamed “the building is on fire!! Get out!”  This could be life or death for you, right?

But, here’s what happens sometimes.

You close the door in my face because I’m not the fireman, dressed in the fireman garb, so you don’t believe I have any authority in telling you the building is on fire.  I’ve witnessed it.  I’ve seen it, smelled it, heard the crackling.  But, I’m not a fireman, so it’s just my “opinion,” right?

And so you, and your family… well…

Now this might be an EXTREME example. But, when I’m sharing oils with someone that I know I can help because I’ve witnessed it in others, THIS is how I feel.  I’m banging on the door, giving them a life or death choice, and they just slammed the door in my face.

When it’s an adult, and they’re opting out of learning something new, I shake my head, say a prayer for them and walk away.  But, when they are choosing the suffering of their own child over exploring this option, this is a HUGE struggle for me.

Children depend on their parents for their health, safety and wellbeing, and when those parents are refusing to try ALL the options to help that child, I get pretty fired up.  Kind of like the anger one would feel when you see a baby locked inside a car in the summer time.  Break the windows kind of anger.

Because I know, without a doubt, with scientific proof, with chemical compound- clinical research proof that what I know now, that I didn’t know 5 years ago, is making a huge difference in many people’s lives.  And it really bothers me when someone won’t at least explore the possibility.  They just flat out don’t want to listen, don’t want to open their mind to at least hear about it.

So, won’t you at least open your mind to the possibility that I just might have the solution you’re seeking?  Will you do me the honor to allow me to share with you what I know?  Then whatever your decision is after that, at least you took the time to check it out.

You don’t want your loved one to suffer anymore do you?  Maybe a person with some letters after their name told you there is no solution and you believed them.  Ok.  But, what if that person is wrong?

Aren’t humans wrong sometimes?  Remember when doctors used to heal with leeches? Also, many believed the earth to be flat.  Do you think, just maybe, that there just might be something that could help your child, that you just haven’t heard of yet?  Are you open to exploring it? What do you have to lose?  What if it works?

See, the WORST form of ignorance is one where someone makes a choice without knowing anything about it. Without knowing the facts.

As a parent, I research EVERYTHING before deciding.  I research almost compulsively.  I’m actually known for it by many of my team members.  See, I want to know that I’m making the MOST educated choice.  I refuse to decide through ignorance.

I encourage you to do the same.  Explore.  Learn.  Try some samples, and Ask.  And, keep asking.   What the “masses” are saying right now, will probably be proven wrong in another 10 years anyway.

Otherwise, we’d all still be getting leeched, and think the world is flat.