Wellness Advocate #1 had a booth in a town more than 5 hours away on the other side of a very HIGH elevation mountain pass.  The day she was to travel, the pass closed, for the entire day and into the night.  Huge, 2 fatality accident.  She decided to go to bed, and set her alarm for 1:30am, and when she awoke, she found they had opened the pass and she hit the road.  She arrived just in time to set up her booth.  She spent the entire day rubbing oils on people, smiling and talking.  Then when it was over, hopped in her vehicle to head home.  She ended up having to pull over, sleep in her vehicle for a few hours, and then drive the rest of the way. — That’s being committed to a dream.  That’s being committed to making it happen NO MATTER WHAT.  No blame, no excuses, just ACTION!

Wellness Advocate #2 had a class she was presenting.  That afternoon, less than 3 hours before the class, a horrible pain set in.  Her hernia was exploding.  (This CAN be life threatening.)  She drove herself to the ER.  She was told it would be about 2 hours to get seen, and get a consultation.  She already knew she’s going to need surgery.  To wait 2 hours to have someone tell her what she already knew was not in her plan.  She stuck her fingers into her gut, pushed things back into the proper position, and left the ER.  Guess what she did then? She went and taught her class.  — That’s commitment to a dream.  That’s making it happen.  No blame, no excuses, just ACTION!

Now, I do not condone ignoring your health.  I also do not condone driving over snowy mountain passes when you haven’t slept for 2 days.  But, when I look at these two individuals, it makes me realize what a wimp I can be at times.  When I think about the qualities of someone who WILL be Diamond someday, both these individuals definitely have what it takes.  You know who you are ladies, and I love you and am so thankful to have you as business partners!