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Deanna Gordon never could have imagined what was in store when she made the decision to adopt a boy named Peter from Liberia. During the adoption process, Deanna traveled to Monrovia, Liberia to visit Peter’s hometown and the surrounding areas. While visiting, she learned of the many struggles facing Liberia, and the specific challenges in the area where Peter grew up. She made lasting friendships with many people in Monrovia, and felt a desire to help improve their quality of life.

After making connections and forming relationships in Monrovia, Deanna returned back to the United States. When a major outbreak of Ebola hit Liberia, Deanna soon found herself wondering what she could do to help the people she had met in Monrovia, who were in desperate need of aid. Take a look at Deanna’s full story to see how she managed to help her Liberian friends during the devastating Ebola outbreak.

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