With all the #Trump and #Hillary political stuff, #repealthe19th, and hurricanes to blame for everyone’s dissatisfaction in their life, I thought I’d just write a little tidbit on the topic.

What REALLY holds individuals back from success?

There is a common theme that rings true about this topic in all the personal development books I’ve read.  It’s amazing to me how the root of most of what holds people back is self-worth.

What are the common things that hold people back from success in doTERRA or any other network marketing business? Here you go!  These are just a few, but these are usually the most common.


Self Sabotage-  Some will self sabotage their own success by refusing to accept the success, downplaying it once it happens, busying themselves with things that don’t serve or are ineffective, or choosing to take little or no action.  This is deeply rooted in self-worth.  When someone doesn’t believe they are worthy of the success they want, they will do everything in their power to make the “I’m not worthy of success” belief come true.

Refusal to participate in personal development- This is a lack of commitment to themselves or their team.  Some believe they don’t “need” personal development. Or they have a fear of the monsters they will have to meet on this journey, so they refuse to start. This can also stem from a self-worth issue.  When someone cares for and respects themselves, they will GIVE to themselves.  They will find the time and resources in order to engage where they can feed their mind, body, and soul.  When someone cares for and respects their team, they will do everything in their power to become the best leader possible FOR their team.

Refusal to skill up and learn –  Typically in everything, there is a proven path to success.  Good leaders identify these proven strategies, and learn them as best possible in order to duplicate them.  When someone truly wants and believes they are worthy of success, but lack all the skills required, they will seek out opportunities to skill up and learn through programs, trainings or mentoring. Making excuses about not being good at a skill, then refusing to try to improve, is simply a lack of effort and lack of commitment to themselves and their team.  Again, this roots in self-worth.  A person with a lack of self-worth believes that they aren’t worthy of investing money, time or effort into themselves to move forward.

Fear of Success – This is huge, and is ALL rooted in self worth.  Fear of success will cause people self-sabotage, refuse personal development and refuse skill development.

Quitting – This can root in many things, but once again, self-worth is typically the culprit.  When someone doesn’t believe they are worthy of success, they will eventually quit.  When someone doesn’t believe they are worthy of their own “why,” they will quit.

So, how to we help those that we know have some of these things holding them back?

Believe in them even when they don’t believe in themselves.  Ask questions.  Encourage them to attend trainings, and personal development events with you.  Encourage them to read the books that are recommended by leadership.  Encourage them to find a mentor and commit to the process.  And, if they want to quit, say “ok, but you have to wait until tomorrow to quit.”

As leaders, it is vital to make sure we are not guilty of any of the above ourselves.  If we are, we need to commit to ourselves, and our team, and find a way to fix it.  Because, my friends, we can only lead by example.

Start here–  If this feels uncomfortable to say some of these things, you may have some self worth issues.  It’s ok, really, we all do. There’s some great books on how to work on this.  The Bible is one of them!

Say this out loud.  “I am Diamond, and I am worth $500 per hour!”  “I am a great leader.”  “I am committed to myself, and my team.”  “I will seek opportunities to improve myself, and my skills each day.”  “I will not quit on a bad day.”  “I am worthy of success, and will strive each day to achieve it.”

How did that feel?

Did it feel weird to say you were Diamond?  If you haven’t achieved that rank yet, that’s ok.  Declare it, believe you deserve it, take steps to achieve it, and you ARE!!