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I understand this might be a big step for you, so I want to provide you with some special offerings and rewards!  On top of that, you’ll get access to exclusive, Member’s Only amazingness that you won’t get anywhere else.

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That’s right, when you choose a path to freedom with me, I will donate up to 15% to Operation Underground Railroad to help those enslaved by sex trafficking, and set them FREE!

I’m all about freedom, and your order will bring freedom to some of the 20 million victims.

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The Path To Freedom

Step 1: Choose Type of Freedom.

  • If you want Freedom in your Health— Choose to be a Wholesale Customer (no tax id required)
  • If you want Freedom in your Health and Wealth by helping others— Choose Wellness Advocate

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Common Questions

You can pay full retail, and purchase from my website here. But, you will pay full price, and you won’t get any promotional gifts, or free products! Second, you don’t get access to me, or my Member’s Only Major Extra’s listed above.

No. Our Loyalty Rewards Program is OPTIONAL and flexible. Drop it down to a lip balm if you want to on the months you don’t really need much. You will still get 100% of your shipping back in free product points! And… Watch the short video below about how you can get $210 worth of free oils!

No again. When you choose to be a Wholesale Customer, there are no quotas, and no selling. If you want to create Freedom in your wealth, and engage as a Wellness Advocate, let’s chat, and I’ll tell you how that works.

Would you like $210 in Oils FREE?

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Sheryl Bradley

“Susie Larson is so much more than a Diamond upline to me! She truly cares about me…everything about me! She is always available to answer my questions about dōTERRA as a business and how our essential oils can support health issues when I’m having difficulty fine-tuning solutions for a customer. (Really…her amazing science brain blows me away!). As my mentor, her ability to make me look at things differently…past any obstacles, is so helpful! I know she has been through it all (been there, bought the shirt) and is willing to help me through any issue! Most of all…her friendship, loving and kind spirit, and her desire to serve our Almighty God has meant the most to me! Thank you, Susie! ?” >>  Sheryl Bradley

Is anything is holding you back from saying yes today?

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Now, let’s get you started on your trek to FREEDOM!