Why I trust doTERRA’s CPTG Standard

Have you ever flown in an airplane:  A private plane with a friend or relative who is a pilot, or on a commercial flight?

Have you ever seen the safety checklist that MUST be completed prior to that large bird taxiing down the runway?  The pilot has one.  I’ve seen it, it’s NOT short.  That’s just one of the checklists.  The ground crew has one too!

Have you considered the fact that multiple people with a lot of training and education are in charge of keeping you safe?  There’s not just a pilot involved.  There are many people involved.  The ground crew and aircraft crew make sure all the electronics, and mechanical hardware is operating perfectly. The pilot, co-pilot, and aircraft staff make sure you are buckled, the air pressure is regulated, and that during flight everything is going perfect.

To the passenger, the consumer, there is a happy ignorance.  We have no clue what it all entails.  We are unaware of what is happening behind the scenes, under the plane, in the cockpit, and over the radio prior, during, and after the flight.  Yet, over 2 million people step on board, each day with little more than blind faith.

Now, let’s relate this to a well known company’s essential oils and their quality standards.

Multiple competitive companies have called this a “marketing” ploy, claiming that since this company created it, it means nothing.  What many “passengers” do not understand is what is behind the scenes and what makes an essential oil qualified to be labeled with a certain stamp.

Like the FAA, dōTERRA has a HUGE checklist.

1. They  carefully selects their growers based on multiple factors.  Plants MUST be grown with no pesticides or chemicals used. They must be harvested at the PROPER time, in the PROPER way to ensure correct essential oil composition.

2. They believe that where a plant grows in it’s best, sometimes indigenous habitat, it will result in a higher quality essential oil.  This has been proven to be true through chemical profile testing on multiple levels.  You might look at my other blog entry: “I’ve been waiting for this research!”

3. They perform multiple tests on EVERY batch of oil.  They also save a sample from every batch. This testing ensures purity and potency (chemical profile) meet the HIGH standard set by this company.

  • Using gas chromatography, quality control engineers can determine which compounds are present in a test sample and, as importantly, at what levels.  This test however does NOT find contaminants, pesticides, or even synthetics.  So, more testing is done.
  • Mass spectrometry provides additional insight to the purity of an essential oil by revealing the
    presence of non-aromatic compounds, such as heavy metals or other pollutants, which are too heavy to elute along a gas chromatograph.
  • In an FTIR Scan, a light is shown at the material sample and the amount of light absorbed by the chemical constituents of the sample is measured. Results are then compared against a historical database to ensure adherence to composition standards.
  • After an incubation period, a plate is analyzed for growth of microbes. This Microbial test is performed on all incoming material to the manufacturing facility, and also performed on finished product to ensure no harmful organisms have been introduced to the product during the filling and labeling process, and to ensure shelf-life stability.
  • Organoleptic testing brings a human touch to each step of the quality control process. Organoleptics include those attributes of an essential oil that can be tested with taste, sight, touch, and smell. From growers and harvesters to essential oil chemists; from manufacturing engineers to essential oil practitioners; this company’s global network of essential oil providers carefully monitors the quality of each essential oil. The extraction of essential oils is very much an art form that can be enhanced by, but not replaced with, mechanical analytics. The wisdom and experience of this company’s essential oil experts are an indispensable part of the quality control standard.

NO OTHER company does this level of testing.  Most stop at the GC/MS.  To meet the high quality standard that this company has set, it is vital to take the testing to a whole new level.  This is one reason I know that I can trust these oils.  But the most important reason is below.  For me, a test tells me a lot, but I need a little more in order to give my 100% faith in a product.  Kind of like knowing the FAA has my back in regard to safety standards and protocols prior to me stepping on board an airplane.  You can read more in depth about the testing here.  http://www.doterraeveryday.com/the-art-of-selecting-therapeutic-essential-oils/

4. They have a scientific advisory board! This scientific advisory board collectively encompasses a combined 38 years of scientific and medical education, and at least 90 years of field experience. They have an ongoing interest in pursuing research into essential oils to enhance our understanding of the powerful benefits they provide. The members of the Scientific Advisory Board are appointed because of their leadership and experience in their respective professional fields.  They understand the chemical components that make up essential oils and their TRUE biological effect on the body. 

This “checklist” is what the quality standard stamp stands for.  It’s not about marketing, it’s about quality and safety. Many years of educational experience, medical experience, clinical research, and testing behind the scenes, under the plane, and in the cockpit make up that standard. So, I, as a user can trust that when used properly, these essential oils are pure, amazing, wonderful, effective, and safe.

Why is this important, and why am I writing this?  Why the flying metaphor? Well, have you seen some of the blogs out there?  Don’t do this, don’t do that, that’s not safe, that’s toxic, blah blah blah. There’s a lot of stuff out there that instills fear.  But pay attention to something here.  They are BLOGS, aka someone’s opinion, or just like me, just rambling writings and musings.  Be aware of your sources even if it’s just me. Am I educated? Yes, I have a Bachelors in Biological Sciences and a Master’s in Education Administration.  I’ve also spent hundreds of hours reading, learning, and researching on my own. But, this is not a medical journal.  This is a blog.  Many of what is out there on the internet, is nothing more than someone sitting in their jammies, (like I am right now) writing a blog.  Just be aware.

Secondly, if you went to pilot school, learned how to fly, then someone told you, “you can’t fly a plane, it’s too dangerous!”  What would your response be? Probably something like this. “Yes, there are definitely precautions that must be taken, but I’ve learned them, and I know how, so I WILL GO FLY THAT PLANE.”

See, I have done a lot of research, and I choose to believe the medical professionals, and the clinical research.  There’s a lot of “stories” out there of a negative reaction when someone used an oil.  Ever heard of a plane crash?  It’s an incident that sometimes happens. With EO’s, it is a negative TESTIMONY, and it is typically NOT based on a clinical, scientifically controlled research.

What’s the reason why so much fear is being spread around? I believe this stems from a few different motives.

  • When a group of one or more people band together to do something outside the norm or against the status quo, they are ALWAYS met with resistance.  Remember when some people said, let’s make America our OWN country. If I remember right, there was an actual war over it. ha ha Or, ever heard of Jesus and what He faced when He began delivering HIS message?  That result was pretty severe!
  • A group of professionals with anywhere from 6 weeks to maybe 2 years of education are losing business and losing income because of the group in #1.  When we learn how to do things ourselves, the professionals who have been paid to provide that service up to that point become a tad upset.  Understandably.
  • There is a common assumption that people are stupid.  “You’re not smart enough to make that decision on your own, and you need an educated professional to tell you exactly what to do and how to do it.”  Granted, there may be some that truly need that direction.  But, that’s why the company I work with doesn’t sell their products OVER THE COUNTER.  Yes, the uneducated need some education which is what the Wellness Advocate helps provide.  The Wellness Advocate helps new users learn the basics, and provides multiple resources (free) to assist the new user in learning how to do this themselves.

Here in, lies a slight problem.  When the new user does not “show up” to learn, no teaching can take place.  Many new users do NOT take on the responsibility of learning the ropes.  They rely quite heavily on the person that introduced them to this new way of doing things.  They don’t read the materials they are given on the proper and safe use of essential oils.  They don’t watch any of the FREE webinars provided by the company and their up line. They don’t attend classes that are provided FREE by Wellness Advocates.  And, the unfortunate result is when a child accidentally spills a hot oil on their skin, and the new user attempts to wash it off with water.  Ooops.  So, yes, then the fear spreads.  But is that the oil’s fault?  Is that dōTERRA’s fault? Is that the parent’s fault?  No.  There’s no fault or blame that needs to be placed.  It’s an accident that occurred due to lack of information.  Planes sometimes still crash, but I still step on board quite frequently.

For those of you brand new to essential oils, please take on the responsibility of learning how to use your oils. Read, learn, and go to classes.  And, be careful of what you glean from the internet.  It’s full of fear spreaders. Essential oils will change your life in a positive way, but they are powerful, and you do need to learn the ropes.  Don’t let the fear spreaders, and disjointed professionals get a hold of you.  As of today, the company I work with has had over 2 million registered users.  That is a lot of people using oils.  If there were something TRULY to be afraid of, we would have heard about it.  Almost a million people are using oils, and loving them.

I have been using oils externally, and internally on myself, and my children for many  years.  They are healthy vibrant kids that love the oils!  So, trust their standard, it’s there for this very reason, take care, learn the ropes, and you’ll be fine.  And, that learning, is FAR easier than learning how to fly a plane!



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